For over a couple of decades structural design team has been providing reliable and economic designs for a variety of structures in reinforced concrete and structural steel such as

  • Industrial Structures: Include various structures like pipe racks. conveyors, technological structures, process buildings, substation buildings, equipment supports etc. for power plants, oil and gas projects, refineries, chemical plants, cement factories, storage plants and other heavy industries. Structures designed also include specialty structures like tall chimneys in steel and concrete, tall digester tanks for paper industry, machine foundations, TG foundations, concrete silos etc.
  • Refurbishment and Extension of existing structures: Apart from the design of the main structures, all the related temporary and permanent enabling works like underpinning, shoring walls etc. are undertaken. Design assistance has been provided in the areas including refurbishment works like introducing new basement floors below existing buildings, extension of existing structures etc.
  • Design of commercial structures like hotels, harbor structures, besides others such as residential buildings, churches etc.
  • Design of temporary structures for facilitating construction of underground tunnels, bridges and other supporting structures for erection.
  • Other special structures: analysis and design assistance has been provided for special structures like guyed masts, baggage chutes, and tall signage boards.

Designs are done based on architectural drawings, site plans, preliminary drawings (if any) technical specifications, soil investigation reports, process flow charts/drawings, codal requirements, restrictions (minimum floor height/minimum height of structure/building.) applied loads details etc. as applicable for the structures to be designed.


  • Reinforced Concrete Cement (RCC) and structural steel
  • Linear analysis and design
  • Nonlinear analysis and design
  • Dynamic analysis and design
  • Vibration analysis and design
  • Structural survey and assessments
  • (Using Euro, ACI, IS, BS , AISC, Codes)

Project types

  • Industrial structures
    • Quay walls
    • Bridge abutments
    • Tunnels and conduits
    • Port structures
    • Combination walls
    • Pipe designs
    • Underground structures
    • Chemical anchorings
    • Lifting design checks
    • Pipe supporting structure for nuclear projects
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Refurbishment and extension of existing structures
  • Temporary structures
  • Special structures

Information required

Products delivered

  • Engineering drawings
  • Software model and analysis report
  • Design calculation
  • Bar bending schedules & Shop drawings for reinforcement steel
  • Erection and fabrication drawings for steel structures
  • BOQ

Software Used

  • BuildSoft Diamonds
  • Plaxis 2D
  • STAADPro
  • MathCAD
  • MAT3D
  • Enercalc
  • Microsoft Office
  • BuildSoft PowerFrame
  • BuildSoft PowerConnects
  • Hilti software
  • Halfen software
  • Proprietary software for beam, slab and pipe-fitting analysis


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